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Cara J Terrance

    "Passionate About Helping Others Reach Their Purpose"- Cara J Terrance


Where It All Began

Best-Selling Author, Mindset Strategist, and Empowerment Speaker, Cara J. Terrance is a highly sought-after POWERFUL PURPOSE ACTIVATOR in a small package. She is the Founder of Keep It Movin Mindset Strategies, LLC a successful personal and professional development company with a mission to help women in life, business, or spiritual transition find their God given purpose. Her mindset coaching and practical application equips women with the transformation power they need in business, career, personal, and spirituality. She is known for her ability to break down some of the most complicated situations and circumstances into a more practical way of processing, acknowledgment, and moving forward quickly. She knows staying stuck too long, only prolongs the progress of getting through any thing that happens.


Cara’s no-holds barred, tell the truth or else, humorous, but humanistic and practical approach helps her audience and clients overcome the obstacles and setbacks in their own mindset. Helping them move to activating their purpose. She has been able to grow and develop in her own personal and professional life using the same key strategies she provides to her clients. Her three (3) power words for a Keep It Movin life are: Educate. Empower. Transform.

Cara is the published Author of two(2) books: A Ministry's Leader and The Member's Connection and Best Selling Author of 30 Beautiful Women book where she details her divorce and how she got through it. She is currently working on her book #4 “Lessons to a Keep It Movin Life”.

Cara has a Master of Science degree in Management with a concentration in Human Resources and Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management both from Troy University. She has been in the Human Resources career space for over 10 years to include training and development, career development, recruiting, talent acquisition, management, leadership, and employee relations. She is also an Ordained Minister giving her an extensive background in ministry leadership and development and spiritual growth and development. She's worked as a youth president for over 10 years before moving to Charlotte, NC. Where she managed a team of six (6) youth advisors and was responsible for youth programming, spiritual growth and development, and leadership.


She has been invited to speak on topics such as : emotional wellness, promotional transition, career growth and advancement in professional and corporate settings. As well as ministry workshops, conferences, and women gatherings on topics to include ministry growth and development, youth leadership, kingdom living, and women empowerment. 

After having life changing experiences to include marriage and divorce, Cara knows all to well how matters of the heart can affect the mind of a woman. Especially when she doesn't have a clue as to who she is.  Cara was able to get through that trying time in her life after it forced her to look internally. She figured out how to change who she had become and be the whole woman she was always destined to be. She began to think of herself and life in a completely different way. For years prior, I had neglected my own happiness, and as a result this can caused me to forget my own purpose.

Has this happened to you:

Have you ever gone through a life changing experience and ask yourself-

What do I do next?

Why is this happening to me?

How am I going to get through this?



Depression is real.

Being too hard on yourself is real.

Disappointment is real.

Divorce feeling like death is real.

Not knowing who you really are and the purpose you hold within is real.

I've been there and have walked out the process to getting my life on track.

The Change I Never Knew I Needed

It was not long before I realized I had the desire to help people become the best version of themselves. I discovered my superpower is mindset transformation. This is when I discovered the power of the mindset. I became the Purpose Activator for my life and career. And ever since then, it has been my secret to promotion and advancement opportunities in business, career, and life that I still use today.
I believe we all have the potential to be successful, and know that sometimes it’s okay for things to not be perfect. When we are in this negative mindset, it can often be a hard place to escape from. I knew I had the tools to help others change their thoughts for the better. So I started Keep It Movin’ Mindset Strategies over two years ago to do just that.

I believe everyone has a PURPOSE. 

Yes this means I believe in you too.

Do you know what your purpose is?

How much longer before you do anything about your future?

Today’s your day!

Seize your moment. Look beyond the surface of what seems like a dead-end, going nowhere, no growth.


Let us help you transform your MINDSET and find and use your POWER to create your PURPOSE path.

We are committed to EDUCATE you with three (3) simple, but powerful strategies that will EMPOWER you to TRANSFORM your mindset and level-up your life and purpose.

Cara has helped many women from different walks of life and transitions overcome the limitations within their minds,. Helping them see themselves from a place of value and importance, and make the adjustments and changes needed to move forward to a purposed and fulfilled life.


She has also helped small business owners with starting their entrepreneurship and business journey through consulting on business planning, staff development, financial stability, and finding their niche markets.  Cara gives 110% in everything that she does. Cara believes that everyone has been given their own superpower and mission to fulfill on this earth. Therefore, it is her mission to help women realize their purpose and see it manifested in their area of influence. She believes in the potential of others and wants to do her part by helping them connect that potential to purpose.


  “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates

To learn more about KIMMS and to get started on your Personal and Professional Development journey contact Cara by booking an appointment:







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